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Before the Pyro worked as a Pyro for her job, she was a little girl....
Happy blush

[There's a young girl on the screen. She has a tomboyish cut hairstyle and wears clothes way too big for her. She has found a way to keep them on by using a small belt she found, but it still looks rather pathetic. Her face nearly seems to be flawless of any sort of damage. However, if one glances down further they might notice the burn scars on her arms holding the device. When she opens her mouth, the voice that comes out is rather high-pitched and cheerful.]

Oh wow! Is...is this like a TV? It's so tiny, I don't understand. Ah, ah--w-wait! Nani?! Why are you blinking?

[Shaking the phone, the young girl whimpers at the device. A girl from the 1950's doesn't understand the technology that is in front of her.]

What does blinking mean? Is blinking good or bad? Well, blinking is sort of pretty...it is my favorite color, red. Is Blinky-chan mad at me?

Ok, ok, what do I do? Um. Are you mad because I didn't introduce myself, Blinky-chan? Let me!

I'm Mori Momo. You can call me Momo if you like. I suppose my hobby is playing out in the forest with my lighter. It's really fun! You want to watch me? You can, so don't be angry! Now tell me about yourself and how to work you properly!